Historic Properties - Dania Beach 1904

The City of Dania Beach was originally incorporated in 1904 and is the oldest city in Broward County.  The City’s historic preservation ordinance promotes the identification, evaluation, rehabilitation, and adaptive use of the City’s historic and architectural heritage.  The City’s historic preservation guidelines are located in Chapter 8 Buildings, Article IX, entitled Historic Preservation, in the City’s Code of Ordinances.

What Is Historic Preservation?

Historic preservation is often defined as the process of identifying, protecting, and enhancing buildings, places, and objects of historical and cultural significance.  This process embraces many phases including the survey and evaluation of historical, architectural, and cultural resources in an area; the development of planning and legal measures to protect these resources; the identification of public and private funding sources applicable to preservation projects; the design for the restoration, rehabilitation, and/or adaptive use of historic structures; and the ongoing maintenance of these resources.

Why Is Historic Preservation Important?

Historic resources contribute to the economic vitality, tourism experience, and quality of life in Florida as well as generating $4.2 billion in economic impact annually. 

Econonomic Benefits Of Historic Preservation


The historic rehabilitation tax credit is the nation's largest federal incentive promoting urban and rural revitalization through private investment in reusing historic buildings. The credit allows the owner of a certified historic structure to receive a federal income tax credit equal to 20% of the amount spent on qualified rehabilitation costs. There is also a 10% credit for older, non-historic buildings. Since it was enacted in 1976, the credit has been widely used as an effective tool for transforming vacant and underutilized buildings into safe, decent, and – in many cases – affordable places to live and do business.


  • Division of Historical Resources
    Provides grants for the identification, excavation, protection and rehabilitation (including acquisition and bricks and mortar) of historic buildings and archaeological sites. Funds are also available for history museums and Main Street programs.
  • Division of Cultural Affairs  
    Provides grants for cultural and arts projects.  Projects include the rehabilitation of historic buildings slated for use as a cultural or arts center and education programming.
  • Department of Community Affairs 
    Most of the funding programs are catered towards local government for community revitalization and development. There is also information for individuals regarding disaster management and response.

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