Dec 6 / March 31 Biophilia Exhibit

Dec 6/March 31 Biophilia Exhibit @ The Gallery of Amazing Things


Groundbreaking Art Show and Sale Explores Man's Intimate Connection to Nature

A Premiere Exhibition and Sale

Biophilia: Love of Life

Artist and New York Times bestselling author Christopher Marley reveals nature’s breathtaking beauty through his stunning three-dimensional pieces of natural art. Marley uses animals, insects, plants, sea creatures, gems and minerals to tell the story of man’s relationship with nature through spectacular artworks that will be offered for exhibit and sale during this pioneering show.


A Dialogue with Art, Nature and Science showcases more than 400 original works. Marley’s revolutionary work includes rare elements of nature—animal, vegetable and mineral.

All the organisms used in his work are either reclaimed or sustainably harvested.