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Administrative Forms

  1. Citizen's Concern Form

    This form is one way for you to share your concern. Fill in as much information as you can. Someone will get back to you.

Community Development

  1. Code Violation

    Code Violation - Code Compliance Unit Dania Beach Code Compliance Unit is responsible for the enforcement of zoning, landscape,... More…

  2. Zoning Inquiries Form
  1. Permit Information Request Form

    Permit Information Request Form - IMPORTANT NOTICE – To better respond to your request, we ask that you complete this form. The... More…


  1. Doing Business with Dania Beach

    Doing Business with the City of Dania Beach

Public Services

  1. Oasis Projects Feedback

    Resident feedback on Oasis Projects

  1. Public Services Issues Notification Form

    Public Services Issues Notification Form